The vision of PGIS is the holistic development of a student’s psychological, academic, physical and spiritual domains. Our facilitators are trained in a manner that allows the students grow with ease yet at the same time they are adequately challenged to strive for more and better. We lay more focus on ‘Learning’ rather than “Teaching”– this provision lets the students learn faster and better in a stress- free environment. Stress-free environment, co-operation, team-work, impressive teacher-student interaction, group discussions, tests, competitions, etc are the essential components of the total vision.


Our school is committed to encouraging the best in its students and staff. We aim to nurture a passion for knowledge, sport, creativity and vocational skills. Our focus will be to produce confident, polite and socially responsible young adults and equipping them with the qualifications for a sound economic future.

We achieve this by:

  • encouraging students to develop inquiring minds with love of learning;

  • demanding high expectations and high attainment from both students and staff;

  • Creating a respectful working environment for students and teachers

  • Providing a personalised and student-centred approach to learning

  • Focusing on continuous improvement in the quality and quantity of achievement.